Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wow! Picnik Editing

Hello all you peoples out there!
Carol-Anne here.
Yesterday the Grays came over to hang out for a little birthday party for Lili who turned three yesterday!
(posts about that soon =D)

Well anyway I took this opportunity to take some cute pictures of Jubileah,
and here is one I edited on picnik...a website Hannah and I are loving right now.

Is she adorable or what!
=D =D =D

I have more pictures of Juby if you'd like to see them and like I said before we will be posting about our weekend soon!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heres a very short recapity post and yes I just made up the word recapity

Okie day then I'm sorry for not posting frequently but not nmuch has been going on, well not enough to make a post about.

  • Ok, well first off I just got rechargeable batteries for my camera, so I will be taking more pictures! yay! =D
  • The other day we got an idea to make sun-brewed tea so we could put fresh fruit in it and such and last night we made it and it is sitting out right now, here are pictures...

Peach and green tea

The dark one I think is mint, it doesn't have fruit in it.

We are hoping that our idea turns out good and if it does I will let you know!~

Here is my cute brother with a cool temporary hair cut and a new magnifying glass of his~

And I will end this post by telling you that I have a secret that I really want to tell you but I don't like posting about stuff that only might happen so I must wait til either its more definent or it happens!
But I can tell you that I'm excited! ;)

ta ta for now

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cute Aprons...And Gloves!

I  found this website with these CUTE gloves and aprons! Its called and theyre adorable!

This is the link to thier aprons page

One of my more favorites! I think I might get one!

I'm posting them in order of my favorites lol

I love love this one!

And this one is my favorite! except I like the plain black one as much as this one so I should of switched the two, but oh well =)

I love these gloves too!

The link to thier Gloves page =D

 I think these two items match =D
               Well I hope you check out thier page and maybe buy some CUTE aprons and/or gloves while theyre having thier sale!
Tey also have cute little girl aprons to match the mommies and big girls!
Also some masculine men aprons! lol

Happily Carol-Anne! =DD

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Noah!

Yay! I know its late, but my brother Noah turned 8 on Wednesday the 2nd!
He's my last brother to turn 8...

Happy birthday Noah!

Do you want to see his cake that I made him?
He wanted a homemade icecream cake, so I just made chocolate cake in a big brownie pan then cut it in half and put cookies and icecream in the middle and homemade whipcream, sprinkles and a little bit of frosting on top, sounds good huh? Well it was!

Well I only got 1 picture of it, Stephen tried to get a picture of it before Noah blew out the candles but once we put in on the table in front of him he just blew them out without even waiting, soooo...well here is the picture of the cake...
This picture I took when I finished it before the whole candle thing.

Happy Happy Birthday To NOAH!!!
Love Carol-Anne

(p.s. If you want any of the recipes I used just comment saying so)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Funnies!

Well hello! You decided to come check out my friday funnies post have you?
Well I'm glad!
I don't know whats wrong with the Grays computer but thier internet doesn't work, if it did Hannah would've beat me to friday funnies ;).

Well heres my friday funny! I saw this video on a friends blog about 2 weeks ago, it is a 'sad, but true' video and I thought I'd share it with all of you people out there!

Buhbye! Love, Carol-Anne!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pebbles and Bamm Bamm:Let the sun shine in

My Mom put this song on for Noah the other day because he wasn't so happy, I liked it and thought I would post it for y'all because its a catchy song!

Smile! Love Carol-Anne

(p.s. Happy 8th Birthday to my youngest brother, NOAH!!!, cake pics later!)