Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I was looking at this picture my brother just colored me and I was wondering why the guy driving was so happy if he was getting a ticket, but then I had to consider that maybe he was so happy because he actually wasn't getting a ticket....oh why must drawings be so confusing?  ;)

Sincerely, Carol-Anne =)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Photo challenge!


Hello all!
How are you today?
I am doing a photo challenge that Kelsey from has started.
It is going to be a 30 day thing but she has changed it to every other day.

Here is a copy of the challenges :)

{ Day1- A photo of yourself
Day2- A photo of what you wore today
Day3- A photo from a high angle
Day4- A photo of your favorite place to be
Day5- A photo of whatever you please
Day6- A photo from a low angle
Day7- A silhouette photo
Day8- A photo of something from the distance
Day9- A photo of something close up
Day10-A photo of whatever you please
Day11-A black and white photo
Day12-A photo edit that you like
Day13-A photo experimenting with bokeh
Day14-A photo focusing on eyes
Day15-A photo of whatever you like
Day16-A photo depicting an emotion
Day17-A photo with street lights
Day18-A photo experimenting with car tail light
Day19-A photo of whatever you want
Day20-A photo that involves a landscape
Day21-A photo of a sunset
Day22-A photo of a person you love
Day23-A photo that makes you think of your childhood
Day24-A photo playing with shadows
Day25-A photo of whatever you please
Day26-A photo that has a color scheme
Day27-A photo that incorporates motion
Day28-A photo with clouds
Day29-A photo using sun as your light
Day30-An unedited photo }
 This seems like it will be fun, thanks Kelsey!

Well shall we get to the actual photos?

Here is day one: A photo of yourself...

And there is my entry!
 Goodbye and goodnight!

-Carol-Anne :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011


You know a while back when I said I had a surprise?
Well we we're going to get a puppy, we thought we had it all planned out to get a Black Lab, but then it  didn't work out.
But then about a month ago my Aunt told us she had a friend who lives near her who breeds Labradors which was the kind of puppy we wanted, so my aunt got the puppy from the breeder and brought her down to us a week ago.
We decided that the name was going to be Emma, so here are pictures of our 5 month old puppy!

The Black lab is our doggy we already had, named Samantha.

Hehehe, I got to choose the collar.
Well I think this is a long enough post to tell you about our puppy, right?
I didn't want to over react...hehehe...