Wednesday, April 13, 2011

.::My favorite scene in Toy Story 2::.



 Welcome one and all!
Today as you can see I will be posting about spring!

It has felt so good lately and I've been wanting to post for a long time on this subject but never got the chance (I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to blog-posting ;)
I thought that I better post about spring before spring becomes summer!

I first will show you all the flower pictures that Ive  taken lately during this weather.

This flower was actually just growing wild in someones yard....
(Growing wild in someones yard..... Hmmm) ;)
These flowers are so tiny, yet so pretty...

I love spring flowers, one of my favorite things(that might become a blog post haha).
God is so wonderful to give us these beautiful flowers.

Some other things about spring are the things we can do...
like wading in the local retention pond?
I guess so!

We went to our local retention pond, because Sam likes to swim
in it and we give her a bath afterwards,
James asked if it was ok to wade in it....I said yes, not thinking about how gross it was...but hey! He is still alive...right!?  ;)

This is as far as He went...probably a good thing. all labs...LOVES the water... :)

Friday us four younger kids went to the Grays to spend the night.

Juby is getting so big! I love her!
As you can see, Elisha had the camera at this moment...
He is looking through the porch screen.
Ok, this might have scared you just now...
I was browsing through the photos that Elisha and I took
and this certain picture freaked me out when I saw it.
Does it freak you out? This horse staring at you?

Hannah deciding to look at the floor with a ants eye view ;)
Jubileeah "fleeping" on me.

I don't know the story behind this photo...use your imagination.
We took Layla(the Grays dog) back home with us to dog-sit for the
Grays while they went to Georgia to see the M family.
I don't know if Hannah knew this but I found out that Lala doesn't like the camera
This was  the one and only good picture I got out of about 15 or 20, she kept moving!

Well that is all for this post BUT there are hopefully more to come soon!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wow! A Very Good Video About Modesty...

This video is what some men think about modesty. It has changed the way I think about modesty and the way I dress, Thanks for watching!


I watched this video at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home.
P.S. Sorry or not posting recently...I dont even know the last time I posted....hopefully I get some good posts coming up!