Friday, December 16, 2011

30 Day Challenge.....

So as the Title says a 30 Day Challenge, but not a photo Challenge, style Challenge, or a reading Challenge.....A Movie Review Challenge!!! For the next month or so i will, every day, post about a different movie and if you want you can join. So i ask if you want to do it, DO IT! If not then, DON'T DO IT!!! But if you do it add a link back to my blog.

 Rules Recommendations (if you enter) :

Photos of movie (can get from Pinterust, Google Images, or where ever)
Be descriptive, put your likes, dislikes, Your rating, and (if wanted) funny quotes

What Day To Do What Kind Of Movie:

Day 1: A Stunt Movie (a movie with  unrealistic stunts)
Day 2: Drama
Day 3: Classic
Day 4: Movie Based on a Book
Day 5: Thriller (Pirates of the Caribbean, ect.)
Day 6: Comedy
Day 7: A T.V. Show
Day 8: A Movie You Can Relate To
Day 9: A Western
Day 10: A Musical
Day 11: A Movie Made In The 1940~1960
Day12: A New Movie
Day 13: A Movie Made In 2000
Day 14: A Animated Movie
Day 15: A Pixar Movie
Day 16: A Movie About a War (which ever war you like)
Day 17: A Movie About Space
Day 18: A Non animated Little Kid Movie
Day 19: The Last Movie You Saw In the Theater
Day 20: The Last Movie You Watched With Your Best Friend( tell us who it was)
Day 21: A Kendrick Brothers Film ( Facing The Giants, ect.)
Day 22: A Really Long Movie (tell how long)
Day 23: A Feel Good Movie ( love film, ect.)
Day 24: The Last Movie You Watched.
Day 25: A Movie Your Younger Sibling(s) LOVES
Day 26: Your Best Friends Favorite Movie ( Carol~Anne what is your favorite movie?)
Day 27: A Movie You Kinda Liked
Day 28: A Good Movie You Would Recommend
Day 29: A Walt Disney Original Film
Day 30: Your All Time Favorite Movie

Have Fun Will Start Tomorrow

P.S. Here Is a pic