Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Funnies! Misc. Pictures

     Hello friends!
 How are you all today?
Today for Friday Funnies,which is hosted by Mrs Kim at Homesteaders Heart,
I will be showing you a couple of pictures I've been wanting to show you for a while.

Just funny little pictures....Enjoy!

This is my Favorite!


Also, if you're following our blog, a couple days ago it says I posted 'I'm so happy' but it messed up, I finished editing it and fixing it but it still shows up as a couple days ago, so please look at the finished product, thankyou!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


What is this?
Do I have to buy more storage for pictures?
I'm really confused!
Please help!
It says I have to buy more storage to post more pictures...did this happen to you?

I'm So Happy! Sorry we haven't posted in a while!

This post was supposed to be posted 2 days ago

Hello! I'm glad that you are visiting our blog today!
We had some difficulties with our blog,
See this post that I posted yesterday.
Well! lets carry on!
Yesterday I got a box from my Grandma that had some baking supplies in it and alot of recipes and little cookbooks
Here are some of the other things she sent =)

A cookie press!!! I have never even seen one of these before,but they are so FUN! =P

I made cookies last night with this one and a few others that the boys chose.
There are also these, I don't know what these are for...Mommy thinks they might be for like cookie sticks or something...if you know, I'd like to know =P

The recipes(a little blurry, but you get the picture)

She sent these cake pans too, my Mom said she recognized
these from when she was growing up.

Measuring cups...they come in handy ;)
And a pastry blender! I can't wait to see how good it works!

She also sent a thing of sprinkles, chocolate chips and small M+Ms!

I made spritz cookies with my cookie press, here are how they turned out!

Me, pressing dough into the press...

(they look like white chocolate chips smushed together :)

After =D

So that is why I'm happy, I know I said I would post about Lilis birthday,
and I was going to but that whole week we were busy and then the weekend was busy with Hannah's birthday, and I now finally I have time to post about our past however long its been...=)
I have a couple pictures of Lilis birthday I think
{Hannah's pictures}

The day before Lilis birthday...

James and...

I went with the...
Grays to their....

(blurry) Cousins/nieces house to watch the ...

Shuttle go off! ;) You can't really see it but its there!

While we were there, we also had fun jumping on the trampoline,
And wading in the water...and getting our pants/skirts wet ;)

Then on Lilis birthday, the Grays came over for a little birthday for Lili,
the Kennys also came over!

The now three year old! =D

Her cake!
(chocolate cake with green fondant and lollipops and umbrellas on it)

And the three year olds friends!

Happy...erm...UN-BIRTHDAY Lili!!!

Then a week after that was Hannah's birthday...

The Grays picked me up, and we went to a restaurant to eat
with Hannahs grandma and some of her friends,

Here are a couple pictures that Hannah took...
A pretty flower...

Jubileeah ^_^
The rest of Hannahs birthday will be in a different post.